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Domains: plant biology cell culture bacteria growth tissue diffusion material manufacturing

Design Standard Enabling Research on the International Space Station.

The available standard kits are: Cell culturing, plant, mold / bacteria growth and tissue diffusion model CubeLabs.
Customized Culelabs can be developed on request.

Volume: 101.6mm cube, not including separation feet
Mass: up to 1.25 Kg
Power: 7.5 Watts total; provided 3.3, 5 and 12-volt power rails
Data: 255 Byte Packets at 1 Hz (1MBaud 3.3V UART)
Provided Services: Power Telemetry, Imaging, Customer Portal

While on ISS TangoLab-1 is networked to the Earth via an Internet connection; users will be able to receive data from their experiments continuously through our Customer Portal (coming Summer 2016). This coupled with the systems open source software allows you to send commands to your experiments on orbit allowing continual iteration.

Experiments connect to specifically designed payload cards which themselves are flown to and from the ISS. Once on ISS, these cards are installed and provided power and Internet connections from the TangoLab-1 facility itself.



International Space Station





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