ARES cell culture

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Domains: cell biological research technology testing

This hardware may serve as a research platform for small-scale and sequential experiments in the field of cell and molecular biology and human physiology.
ARES is working fully autonomously and is completely independent from the aircraft systems.

ARES is suitable in cases where 1-3 samples per g condition are sufficient, whereas the multi-rack system allows 10 or more samples per g condition.

  • ARES rent includes 3 modules
  • Support for one day including refurbishment
  • Flight costs for ARES for one day (one flight) included

Based on Nova Space Biotechnology's extensive experience with parabolic flights, suborbital and orbital missions, we offer expert services for research and development projects in the life sciences including:

  • Design of research mission structure and logistics
  • Biocompatibility, stability and cell culture tests and developments
  • Pre-flight cell transport tests
  • Post-flight procedure tests and standardization
  • On-site-support



Parabolic flight



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