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What is microgravity?

It is the condition in which all physical bodies (people, objects, cells, molecules…) appear to be weightless.

How do you get microgravity?

Various platforms allow to get microgravity (International Space Station, parabolic flights, …). The main common denominator is that they are free-falling to free themselves from the sensation of gravity.

What value does microgravity bring to science?

Compared to flat petri dishes in ground laboratories, cells in microgravity form 3D aggregates behaving like they would in the human body.
Materials are also affected by microgravity: without the sedimention due to their own weight, phenomenon hidden on earth can be observed.
Find more microgravity related applications and publications in our bibliography.

Microgravity platforms

International Space Station

Fly in space
No limitation in the
time of microgravity

Parabolic Flight

Fly with your experiment
Up to 25s of microgravity
Multiple times per flight

Drop Tower

Between 2s and 10s
of microgravity

Random Positioning Machine

In lab ground simulation
of microgravity